Call for Climate Adaptation Action now!

Climate Adaptation Coalition


There is no denying anymore, the climate is changing. Despite all agreements worldwide, the global temperature and sea levels are rising, and weather patterns are changing. These changes will and are affecting our assets and our economy, our nature and communities now and in future. They will impact the continuity of organizations and businesses worldwide.

Now is the time to recognize the impact of the changing climate and start thinking and acting on the changes that are upon us, both long term and short term. Together we must take climate adaptive actions now.

We, organizations from different sectors in the Netherlands, joined forces and are willing to share successful examples of climate adaptation action. We would like to leverage knowledge and experiences on climate adaptation from different angles and perspectives and are we ready to take climate adaptation action. We want to inspire, engage and connect others to do the same.

Together we want to learn, prepare for and deal with climate adaptation to help the world and our clients, and to safeguard and grow our business into a resilient future. We do this in a spirit of openness and collaboration, across value chains, sharing best practices and adhering to an open source approach.

We are proud about working together to make our organizations, our businesses and customers more adaptive and invite you to do the same: join us on this road to a climate adaptive world!