Hydro-Climatic Risk Management: Shared Responsibilities and Hidden Connections

Innovative Governance: National Agencies Collaboratively Managing Hydro-Climatic Risks


The world is becoming increasing aware of the challenges brought about by climate change and the need to adapt – the focus of this Climate Adaptation Summit. This session focuses on the need for innovative governance to manage hydro-climatic risks that are growing in magnitude and frequency. Two key actions are identified: 1) the need to manage floods and droughts together through the same prism of hydro-climatic risk management and 2) the importance of inter-agency collaboration to address, manage, and mitigate water- and climate-related disaster risks. Participants will hear from some of the leading international organizations working together on water and climate to address hydro-climatic risks – including the World Bank’s Water Global Practice, Deltares, the Global Water Partnership, the International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, and the World Meteorological Organization – and see how these concepts can be implemented on the ground through case study examples in the Philippines and Tanzania. This session is framed to be accessible to non-experts, and anyone with an interest in climate adaptation is encouraged to participate.