W@tskills-India 2021: Finals & Awarding


From 2-13 January 28 participants from India and various other countries joined the online Wetskills Challenge in India. This prerecorded contribution displays the Finals and Awarding, where the teams pitch the out-of-the-box ideas to an international jury panel. Keynote addresses: Adriana Valenzuela Jimenez (Youth Leadership at Global Center on Adaptation) and Bharat Jain (Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre).

The Water Action Hub requested Wetskills Foundation with its Indian partner Centre for Environment Education to organize this event and bring-in young talents with their concreate ideas for real-life cases in India to foster the intergenerational dialogue for Water & Climate Adaptation.

This first fully online (corona-adaptive) ‘W@tskills’ was the fifth Wetskills event in India, after events in Ahmedabad, Delhi and Kerala. Last 10 years Wetskills Foundation organized 46 two-week Wetskills Challenge events (for young talents with a passion for water, climate and sustainability) in 23 different countries worldwide. Diverse and inclusive teams of young international talents (almost 900 Alumni) with different backgrounds co-created inspiring out-of-the-box ideas for more than 200 cases on water, climate and sustainability, contributing to the SDGs and thus a better world.

For more information: www.wetskills.com, @Wetskills (Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook) or info@wetskills.com.